Integrated Medical Care

Resourceful and Cost-Effective:
Trim the traditional vitals process down to its essence. With our technology, we’ve completely eliminated time and overhead spent on vitals.

Precision Meets Efficiency:
By eliminating human error, our software empowers your team to channel their energies more on patient care than data entry.

Empower Your Patients:
Step into the modern era with our high-tech vitals kiosks. Allow your clients to play an active role by taking their own vitals with our self-serve kiosks.

Seamless Integration:
Witness real-time vital data flow seamlessly into your electronic health records.

Other Revolutionary Technologies from Poplar Wellness

Poplar Wellness brings behavioral health service lines and medical care integration to the next level with FDA approved remote diagnostic technology, telemedicine, managed certified service technicians and comprehensive patient data.

Integrated Medical Solutions

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Client Engagement App

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Streamlined & Simplified.

Don't get left behind. As the demand for behavioral health services increases, so does the demand for streamlined innovation and technology. We are here to bridge the gap into a new frontier of mental and physical wellness.

  • Licensed & certified technicians
  • Ancillary medical department
  • Integrated service model
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