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Revolutionary treatment solutions for behavioral healthcare through technology, service, and data.

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Innovative treatment solutions at the intersection of physical and mental wellness.

Core Benefits of our Technology

Our one-of-a-kind system creates seamless, customizable medical infrastructure around behavioral health facilities.


  • Patient Outcomes
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Patient Engagement
  • Facility Efficiencies


  • Patient Recidivism
  • Hospitalizations
  • Overhead Costs


  • Value-Based Care
  • Trackable Outcomes
  • Integrated Care Model
  • Increased Trust with Clients

The Poplar

Poplar Wellness Group provides a revolutionary turnkey tech solution at the intersection of primary and mental health care. Started and run by professionals in the recovery space, Poplar’s technology will elevate the patient experience, enhance patient safety, and empower both patients and providers to make the best possible decisions for long-term success. This FDA-approved medical technology offers unprecedented white label opportunities for treatment centers that are looking to stand out and demand better outcomes for their patients.

Integrated Medical Solutions

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Your Hospital Without Walls

What is a hospital without walls? It is digital. Innovative. Efficient, Accessible. Integrated. Sustainable. Personalized.
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Certified professional care coordinators act as the glue between both the treatment centers and the primary care service providers. Care Coordinators will sit at each partnered center, managing everything from the scheduling of patient testing, facility training, HIPAA compliant documentation and certain technical testing required for creating custom care plans.

Each treatment center will have a full medical team dedicated to serving their patients needs. Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and RN’s collaborate with treatment centers, providing Primary Care and ensuring greatest possible patient outcomes.

Compliance and Patient Privacy are a top priority. We observe all CMS and HIPAA standards set forth for all managed testing, documentation and other managed Poplar Wellness services. All Poplar Wellness technology is FDA approved. All of the managed services Poplar Wellness provides to both providers and treatment centers have been cross examined and scrutinized for operational excellence.

Poplar Wellness provides a unique software solution that allows its providers and treatment centers to connect to a multitude of remote technologies. The custom software platform is designed specifically for high volume primary care and behavioral health treatment settings. Poplar Wellness’s unique technology has API integration capabilities, making it easy for providers to send and receive information across multiple EHR systems. Delivering valuable data insights to providers and easy accessibility for patients, it’s truly an all encompassing solution, capable of serving any facility.

Poplar Wellness partners with some of the most respected and cutting edge remote diagnostic medical device companies on the market. The FDA technology that Poplar Wellness brings to every partner include Remote EEG testing, Remote Autonomic Nervous System Testing, and Remote Vital Monitoring. These proprietary partnerships in the behavioral health space ensure Poplar Wellness is bringing only the most innovative technology

Healthcare is undergoing an industrywide shift in which clinical strategies center on the consumer to provide a more seamless care experience. As healthcare becomes more consumer-focused, physician and clinician engagement will be critical to transforming care delivery. Our data collection and analytics will help treatment centers and providers make more informed, personalized treatment plans, improving outcomes and enhancing the patient experience


Streamlined & Simplified.

Don't get left behind. As the demand for behavioral health services increases, so does the demand for streamlined innovation and technology. We are here to bridge the gap into a new frontier of mental and physical wellness.

  • Licensed & certified technicians
  • Ancillary medical department
  • Integrated service model
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