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Mission Statement

Poplar Wellness Group aims to revolutionize behavioral health by injecting innovative treatment solutions at the intersection of physical and mental wellness. By offering turnkey technology and primary care service solutions, we will facilitate the treatment of the whole patient, bridging the gap between the long time siloed mental health and medical fields. It is our mission to better overall patient outcomes, demand higher success rates and objectify a long time subjective disease with valuable data and analytics.

Our Corporate Team

Sarah Riley


Sarah Riley is CEO and founder of Poplar Wellness Group. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Tulsa in 2009 with a BA in Communication. She comes with an extensive corporate background, working predominantly in Fortune 500 Companies. Sarah is a person in long term recovery and developed a deep passion for working with people suffering from substance use disorder. In 2019, she left her corporate position to pursue a full-time career in Treatment. In the fall of 2021, she was introduced to innovative technology being used outside of behavioral health and saw an incredible opportunity. Combining her corporate experience and her understanding of the treatment industry, Poplar Wellness was born. It has become her mission to make great strides in improving patient outcomes and ending the suffering from the disease of addiction. Sarah currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri where she enjoys spending her free time with her beautiful family and her dog, Kona.

Nick Boatman


Nick Boatman is the President and Co-Founder of Poplar Wellness Group. Nick is a person in long-term recovery has started over five different treatment centers across the United States. He has an extensive background in strategic turnarounds and visionary leadership in diverse business modalities. With Nicks leadership over the years, he has implemented innovative evidence based clinical programming, expanded community outreach to a national level, launched several scholarship campaigns, and made access to treatment more accessible to the surrounding community. Nick is always striving to maintain engaged and compassionate team members who will ensure each person has the greatest opportunity at achieving success in long term recovery.

Your Hospital Without Walls

What is a hospital without walls? It is digital. Innovative. Efficient, Accessible. Integrated. Sustainable. Personalized.

We can be your managed hospital without walls, integrating within the walls of your behavioral health treatment center. Making it easier than ever before to provide revolutionary behavioral health care to your patients.


Streamlined & Simplified.

Don't get left behind. As the demand for behavioral health services increases, so does the demand for streamlined innovation and technology. We are here to bridge the gap into a new frontier of mental and physical wellness.

  • Licensed & certified technicians
  • Ancillary medical department
  • Integrated service model
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