Remote Patient Monitoring

Real Time Objective Patient Data

Supercharging treatment care teams and managing chronic conditions the right way, while creating efficiency and increasing patient safety with automation and technology. Data and analytics create an objective view of every patient’s progress while receiving treatment.

What We Monitor

Continuous SpO2 Monitoring – Comfortable wearable watches measure patient Heart Rate Variability and Oxygen Levels in real time. Alerts and monitoring help notify treatment teams of any abnormalities, which can help patients stay safe overnight and during the detox process. Bringing hospital like observation to treatment centers with little overhead.

Basic Vital Monitoring – Blue tooth capable Blood Pressure Monitors, thermometers and Pulse Oximeters make it easy to automate the often-cumbersome vitals process for
many treatment facilities. Tracking of a patient’s basic vitals is imperative to reduce preventable hospital send outs and underlying co-occurring medical issues.

Sleep – Sleep has been labeled one of the key vital signs for tracking behavioral health outcomes. Poplar Wellness Remote Patient Monitoring provides the ability to measure progressive sleep quantity and quality scores in patients during their treatment. Patients experience no disruption to their sleep and software integration allows the data to
interface directly with the treatment center EHR.

Geofencing – Geofencing allows facilities to be notified if a patient leaves the premises and creates efficiencies around patient safety and compliance. Real time notifications are sent to designated staff when a patient is out of the desired parameter.

GeoTracking – For staff or patients location Poplar Wellness can identify a person’s current, physical location by obtaining GPS data from their smartphones or other GPS-enabled devices. Alerts and monitoring are available for tracking patient safety, staff efficiency and compliance.

Other Revolutionary Technologies from Poplar Wellness

Poplar Wellness brings behavioral health service lines and medical care integration to the next level with FDA approved remote diagnostic technology, telemedicine, managed certified service technicians and comprehensive patient data.

Cognitive Health


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Integrated Medical Care

Connecting Patients to an array of physicians to treat co-occurring medical issues.

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Don't get left behind. As the demand for behavioral health services increases, so does the demand for streamlined innovation and technology. We are here to bridge the gap into a new frontier of mental and physical wellness.

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