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DSM-5 defines addiction as a chronic, relapsing disorder characterized by compulsive drug seeking, continued use despite harmful consequences, and long-lasting changes in the brain, yet as an industry, we haven’t studied the brain through the addiction treatment process. Poplar Wellness brings the ability to look at patient’s brain health in real time with little to no change in a treatment center’s current infrastructure.

What We Track

EEG allows for the measurement of brain wave patterns.

Auditory ERP (event-related potentials) provides measures of cognitive response.

HRV – Heart rate variability provides measurements of the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

Data Sharing – Collaborative data sharing creates a community working together to improve the brain.

Analyze Brain Health
Improve Patient Diagnosis
Monitor Patient Progress
Track Positive Outcomes

Why Brain Health Matters

Poplar Wellness uses a state of the art all in one brain measurement platform which provides objective information about brain function. Our remote system uses well-established evoked EEG technology to record electrical signatures of the brain, providing doctors, researchers and wellness experts with actionable, data-driven reports. These real time reports have been FDA approved for aid in diagnosis of certain Behavioral Health conditions.

Clinical teams can also utilize these reports for medication efficacy tracking as well as overall cognitive functioning.

Other Revolutionary Technologies from Poplar Wellness

Poplar Wellness brings behavioral health service lines and medical care integration to the next level with FDA approved remote diagnostic technology, telemedicine, managed certified service technicians and comprehensive patient data.

Integrated Medical Care

Connecting patients to an array of physicians to treat co-occurring medical issues.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Objective Real Time Patient Data

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Streamlined & Simplified.

Don't get left behind. As the demand for behavioral health services increases, so does the demand for streamlined innovation and technology. We are here to bridge the gap into a new frontier of mental and physical wellness.

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